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CD Nordic Praise - Pekka Simojoki

Pekka Simojoki julkaisi kultaa myyneestä Ylistys-levystä (2012) vuonna 2014 englanninkielisen version Nordic Praise. Levyn englanninkieliset tekstit ovat pääosin amerikkalaisen muusikon Margaret Vainion käsialaa. Levyn upeista laulusooloista vastaavat Hanna-Maria Helenius & TriSis, Kaarle Mannila sekä Olli Helenius.

Erinomainen tuliainen Suomesta matkustaessasi ulkomaille!

"These songs come from the north. They are inspired by the great forests, cold winters and bright summers of Finland. In these songs you can hear the sound of a thousand lakes, and see the swans dancing in the wilderness swamps.

The writer of these songs was born up in Lapland, but many years spent under the African sun have added a warm southern flavour into his music as well. This is what makes these songs so unique. like a fashionating dialogue between the north and south.

In these songs you can see the colours of the Northern lights flaming in the sky. Everyday life is also full of colours, joy and tears, but through it all the Almighty God himself is there in our midst. He is the Creator of all things. That is why we praise Him. Join us and let the music carry you to the north country, where there is a surprise in store for you..."

Songs / Kappaleet:

1) It's so Amazing

2) Jesus is the King

3) The Greatest Song Ever

4) His Loving Kindness Will Never End

5) Alpha And Omega

6) The Name Above All Names

7) The Holy One

8) Tell the World

9) Water's Flowing

10) Hope of the World

11) In Changing Times

12) Like Mighty Waters

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